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N2 Speech Synthesis Software

Lightweight Japanese speech synthesis software saving memory
An SDK for developers, embeddable in smartphone apps and IoT devices


The text-to-speech (TTS) library of N2 speech synthesis software for Japanese-language voice reading conserves memory and runs light on a smartphone or stand-alone Linux micro-computer board. With the library embedded in a variety of applications, users can experience high-performance Japanese-language text reading function.

*Samples available below.

Sample.1 Sample.2



Features and Functions

Memory Saving and Lightweight


Runs on Stand-Alone Devices


Supports Input Based on Character Strings Including Prosodic Symbols


*JEITA IT-4006, Symbols for Japanese Text-to-Speech Synthesizer, kana-level notation

Free-of-charge edition is now available for Linux (NOTE: for use only in Japan)



N2 TTS, a text-to-speech engine for Android, is currently available free of charge from Google Play (only in Japan). NOTE: N2 TTS is currently available only in Japan.



<Features of the software>


<How to download and install>

From Google Play, install the Android app N2 TTS from KDDI Research, Inc., and execute the installed N2 TTS Settings app. Confirm the displayed Terms of Use, and check the displayed checkbox to indicate your agreement. (N2 TTS cannot be used without agreement to the Terms of Use.)
For further details on the setting method, please see the explanation on N2 TTS provided by Google Play. N2 TTS is an app for a speech synthesis engine that offers only basic speech synthesis processing. To utilize the actual reading function, it will be necessary to separately obtain an app for speech synthesis function from Google Play or other sites.


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