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Nazori Mail Checker

Email transmission restraint application for Outlook to restrain security accidents


Nazori Mail Checker provides a unique user interface (UI) that can help prevent mistaken e-mail transmissions by confirming items to be checked prior to sending an e-mail, such as recipient’s address, item title and attached file, through a systemized “Nazori (tracing) operation,” using a mouse. Nazori Mail Checker can be used as an add-in software for the Outlook Application.

What is “Nazori operation?”


“Nazori operation” provides to confirm important information shown on the PC display with “tracing”. Recipient’s address and attached files are checked by a sender with “Nazori Operation”, the sender can be easily to find any errors in them.


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Interface Facilitates Confirmation of Recipient’s Address and Other Information


It is possible to confirm important information, such as recipient’s address and attached files in e-mail, shown on the PC display with “Nazori operation.” The important information is highlighted with an arrow pictures, the interface let a sender apply consciousness to information important to a sender. Recipient's address are classified into address of the outside company and the inside company, a sender can detect easily that the e-mail is being sent to outside company.


Window Composition Uses Color Changes


Important information, which should be confirmed by Nazori operation, the information is emphasized using a dark color. The information that confirmation was completed changes it into an undertone


Determination of whether the Nazori Operation Was Consciously Used


Tracing location and speed of information is measured and determined, and if a determination made on whether or not confirmation was made consciously, it promotes the Nazori operation again.


Display of Information Detected to Be Mistaken


It is possible that mistakes will not be noticed when merely simply tracing information. With Nazori Mail Checker, a variety of methods to display items to be confirmed is available, such as bolding tracing characters, and listing alphabet letters of e-mail addresses in Japanese syllabary characters. This makes it easy to notice mistakes.


Third-Person Confirmation


Confirmation of recipient addresses, titles and attached files of e-mails to be transmitted can be mutually confirmed between PCs installed with Nazori Mail Checker. The use of the Third-party Confirmation function includes constant conditions such as the network constitution. Please contact details.